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Tri-ple Mint: (adjective) A term used in real estate to describe an immaculate (not just mine, but triple mint) property.Triple Mint Real Estate HOME
Jeannie DeFrese - 512-431-8016

Jeannie came to Austin in 1985 to go to the University of Texas and quickly realized that she had arrived "home". After graduating with a business degree, she met her husband Jerry, an artist and teacher, and soon after they purchased their first home - a sweet affordable "fixer upper" that needed a complete remodel.  It quickly became obvious that houses and homes were her passion and obsession.  Jerry understands there will always be one or more houses to check out before they actually reach any planned destination!

Jeannie excels at helping buyers find the perfect home and never tires of seeing their eyes light up when the right home opens its doors to them.  With her business and marketing background, years of experience, and extensive knowledge of the market, she’s skilled at helping sellers get the most for their homes.  She’s also very knowledgeable on investing in Austin properties for rental and on remodeling houses.

When she’s not checking out houses, look for Jeannie running on Lady Bird Lake with her dog Jaydee, spending time on Lake Travis , shopping at one of the many local farmer’s markets, biking down the greenbelt or out listening to some local music. Wow -  Austin is a great place to live!

    "We have now bought three houses with Jeannie and sold one. Soon enough the numbers will be four and two. It’s hard to describe what Jeannie offers as a realtor, an advocate and a person, because you can only do it in superlatives. So you pour out this stream of the highest praise, and the listener, rightfully skeptical, says, "Really? Come on, how good could she be?" But then they meet Jeannie and the next time you see them, they’re the ones dishing out the superlatives.
    Austin has changed much over the years—and certainly its real estate landscape has—but Jeannie has always remained true to herself and her ideals, the ideals that have brought her and us and so many others to this town year after year. I have never met anyone with more personal and professional integrity than Jeannie. She is an advocate in the very best sense of the word. When you are her client she acts at every moment in your best interests, even when that means giving you advice that you don’t want to hear or that runs counter to her self-interests.
    Jeannie embodies the word egalitarian. She works just as tenaciously on your behalf whether you just met her or whether you’ve known her for years, whether you’re buying a little old fixer or your pie-in-the-sky dream home. She was every bit as dedicated to us when we walked in off the street to buy our student shack as she is now when we talk about pools and views and school districts.
    We have old friends and close relatives who are realtors. Love them as we do, we could not imagine them representing us over Jeannie. For one, we know that if we did, in the long term, we would be throwing money down the drain—no matter how much we saved on commissions. No one knows this town better than Jeannie, and she’s been doing this so long, so conscientiously that she doesn’t miss a thing. But even more than that, the reason why we stick with Jeannie is that you have to reward someone so principled, devoted and downright good at her work. It’s the same reason you get your keys made by Mr. Sanders at the hardware store and not by the kid at the home depot. If Hank Hill had a realtor, it would be Jeannie.
    Over the years, we’ve recommended Jeannie to a lot of people. Every single one that’s taken the time to meet her has used her as their realtor. And when they’re ready to look again, they call on her again. The others, we see them full of doubt, starting from scratch every time, continually wondering whether their agent is competent and trustworthy. The experience is so markedly different with Jeannie. She makes the stressful, arcane process of buying or selling a home simple, understandable, even fun."

- Tony Cherian and Betzi Mathew

    "Out of all the real estate agents we met with when planning our move to Austin, Jeannie was the only one who seemed to actually listen to our requirements and showed us numerous appropriate options in neighborhoods we liked. She quickly got a feel for our tastes and never tried to push us to pursue homes we weren't comfortable with. When we finally found a house to put a bid on, she was an amazing representative. Keep in mind we were buying this home while still living on the east coast, and she made sure everything went smoothly in our absence and kept us fully informed. In the end, every item up for negotiation with the seller went in our favor, which I fully attribute to her shrewd and knowledgeable negotiation skills. She didn't abandon us after the purchase either, she helped us find contractors to make the updates we wanted to make before moving to Austin, and helped to ensure we had the house ready to move in.
    After such a positive experience, we've recommended Jeannie to several of our friends, and they've all been as satisfied as we were and they all went on to recommend her to their friends. In my experience, it's quite rare to be so satisfied with a service that you'll repeatedly rave about it your friends, but Jeannie provided that rare level of excellent service for us."

- Andre Beskrowni and Meghal Mehta

    "I worked with Jeannie DeFrese to buy both my first and second houses and have referred countless friends to her. When I bought my first home, she was patient with my "first time jitters" and a terrific advocate on my behalf, helping me negotiate a significantly discounted sales price, even though the market was hot and the location was prime. With the second, she showed me numerous homes that exactly matched what I thought I wanted before gently pointing me in the direction of the house that was perfect for me. My second home buying experience was as satisfying as the first, despite the occasional pre-closing hiccup that came our way, which Jeannie handled with grace and ease.
    I continue to rely on Jeannie even though I'm not currently in the market for a new home. Whenever I need a referral to an electrician, a roofer or handyman, I give her a call. Her extensive network throughout Austin has saved me time and money, and if Jeannie recommends a repair shop, I trust them.
    Buying real estate in Austin has been fun and easy for me, and Jeannie gets all of the credit for that. I recommend her to everyone I know."

- Brannon Andrews

    "Jeannie is wonderful!!!
    I was very particular when selecting a realtor to purchase my second home and sell my first, as I had purchased my first home without a realtor, and was already pretty involved in searching for neighborhoods and houses on my own. I interviewed several realtors, and found Jeannie to be one of the only realtors who impressed me with her organization, reliability, experience, and initial thoughts about selling my house. The other great quality is that she is still laid back, and really personable. I found Jeannie randomly and called her out of the blue because I saw her sign in front of a couple of houses in my neighborhood that had recently sold.
    Jeannie met with me initially and answered several questions I had about what services she would provide to me as a seller's agent for my home and as my buyer's agent. She was very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods I was looking at (central and east austin), and was super flexible and available to show me houses when I was available.
    Two things that most impressed me about Jeannie is that she was a tough negotiator, and was super helpful in guiding me on repairs that were going to need to be done to my new home. I was looking for a home that needed a bit of renovation, and she was great in differentiating the big-dollar problems from the small-dollar ones. She also had a team of contractors and handymen that were available (and reasonable) to help me get my house ready for sale and help me start work on my new house.
    Jeannie overall is great to work with and a great realtor, and I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Christine Fernandez

    "Jeannie has handled our real estate transactions in a conscientious, competent and creative manner. She knows Austin and did an outstanding job of helping us find the right house and negotiate the very best price. Her suggestions for plumbers, electricians and other service providers over the years have been terrific. We never hesitate to recommend her to our friends and co-workers, and know that they have received the same personal attention and professional service that we have."

- Mary Kragie and Rich Gramann